Goldener Hirsch - Über uns

The Müllers – a retrospective view

The Pub „Zum Goldenen Hirschen“ is owned by the family Müller in 9th generation.

It was founded in 1513 under the name „Hirschenwirt“, which makes it the oldest guesthouse in Burgthann.

Since 1802 it is runned under the management of Family Müller, and became a very popular meeting spot of the village community through the years.

Mr. Leonhard Müller, who took over the business from his father in 1941, renovated the whole building in 1962/1963 and converted the old pub into a Restaurant. 

From 1967 on, Hans Müller, the father of the current owner, Mr. Peter Müller, ran the business.

In 1991 he expanded the property by building the idyllic guesthouse and in 1998 the comfortable and modern Burghotel was finished and inaugurated.

Peter Müller, the youngest of three brothers, decided to come back to the familybusiness right after finishing his apprenticeship at Grand Hotel in Nürnberg. Since his father passed away in 2002 he is running the operation alongside his wife Kerstin Müller.

 His brothers Horst und Jürgen Müller are both butchers and managing the familyowned butchery.